Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Guy Update

Here is the most recent image from my 3D computer animation. I've been working on texturing and lighting the past few days. I have also been experimenting with occlusion passes. So far I have lit the entire scene without using lights. Some of you might be wondering how this isn't just black if there are no lights, well what I do is build objects and then make them glow in the scene... in a controlled way.

Here is the image just rendered out without anything fancy. Notice the lack of the "cool" as compared with the final.

Then I do an ambient occlusion pass. An ambient occlusion pass puts a shadow where two objects are close together, or just certain variances in the surface.

Here's another one for the rest of my scene. I did this part of my scene separately so I could have control over the darks in the planets without making my character darker.

Here's the final look again, remember you can click them for a bigger version.

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