Monday, February 9, 2009

Fixed lens

My room mate Curtis recently got a Digital Canon and a few lenses. The one I love the most is his 50 fixed lens. Colleen and I got to play with it for a while and we both felt like we needed one. But for me having one of these awesome lenses would do no good... for I have no digital camera. But I do love taking photos and love learning about the different aspects of photography. lucky for me my room mate, girlfriend, and mother all have cameras I can use so I can get my fix every once in a while. These are two photos I took one night with this lens, it was a somewhat low lighting situation and his auto focus doesn't work... but with the low aperture the low lighting wasn't a huge factor and actually made the lighting pretty interesting. All the lighting was from incandescent bulbs and such so everything was pretty yellow and warm. The low aperture also allows for a shorter depth of field, which makes me want one even more. One lens I want that most people kinda give me a funny face about is a 12 or so mm lens. I love the fish eye effect and this kind of lens takes real cool landscape photos. Maybe someday.

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