Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A New Post!!!

Here is an image I made in all my spare time this past weekend. Ok, I didn't have any spare time, but I did take a break from animating and took a pic of this guy in the hallway of Becker. 
This is an Illustration I did the the school newspaper, the article is about the tea parties. I wasn't aware of any on campus, who didn't invite me? I love tea.
And this last one is my latest comic for the school newspaper. I carved a "stamp" out of a wooden block and dipped it in some watered down black paint I mixed up and spit out a few words... and then there was a comic. Click on any of the images for a bigger version, it'll be worth your time. Maybe

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Breadwig said...

Love all three images. And clicking for the bigger stamp image was so worth it!