Friday, June 12, 2009


Here are the the pics I have of a stray dog that Colleen and I picked up from a park earlier today. I have begun to love this dog. He has started to listen to me and see me as an authority. He can now sit most of the time and he sticks around me outside without a leash. I may have to give him up at a shelter because I am not at a place where I can currently keep him :( So enjoy these pics and Colleen has some up on facebook!!


Breadwig said...

Awwww man, what a killer looking dog. I hope you can keep him long enough for me to meet him!

Now, who's that third dog???

CwThornbrugh said...

The third dog is Jack, Colleens parents dog. I would love for you to meet him, and I think he and figbert might get along. But I am probably going to have to give him away today

Jimi Bonogofsky said...

Oh my gosh! Callie and Appa are so cute together! You guys definitely have a colour scheme going on. And I'm am so so excited you got to name a dog Appa!