Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Guy-A New Hope

Below are some images from my 3D environments final fall of 2008. This was possibly one of the most involved pieces I have ever done. The film is 45 seconds long, I did it in just one semester. I was able to do this much animation because I chose a style that I could manage fairly quickly. At the end of the semester I had all the animation done and rendered it out and did alot of image editing in after effects... then I got to watch it for the first time. I was very disappointed with it and didn't watch it again until the end of the spring semester when my professor wanted it in the showcase. After watching it I realized that there was alot of good stuff there. 
So all of this is to say that I have decided to revisit the film this next year. My goal is to fine tune some of the animation, and redo a few of the shots and slow down the pace a bit so it communicates more clearly. I want to get it remastered before I graduate so it can be in my reel.
The film is about a little space guy that is traveling the universe on a meteor and he spots earth
He decides that he wants to visit this planet

and this is where he ends up

I am planning on uploading this film in progress soon...

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Breadwig said...

I am sooo happy you're doing this! I can't wait to see the final.