Sunday, October 4, 2009


The picture below is the most recent theme for Drawergeeks Jr, Where the Wild Things Are. I drew it with an ink brush and then scanned it in to add some texture.
This next picture is a comic for my schools news paper.
And the next three are poses done in 3D. These are assignments for my 3D animation class. The theme for the one directly below is love.
And the theme for the las two is confident... I enjoy lighting them a whole lot. I love to enclude cools and warms, and sometimes high key verses low key. I think the lighting in the two below effect the mood of the pose, even though the pose is exactly the same in both. The magic of Lighting.


joshaddessi said...

Wow colleen, I really like your where the wild things are illustration!...It's so good!

joshaddessi said...

Scratch that, i totally meant Cevin...not sure why I typed Colleen, I must not have been thinking.

Jake Snider said...

haha...when I read Josh's comment, I thought to myself, "I thought this was Cevin's blog." I think he could have convinced me it was. Anyway, good stuff. Miss ya bud!

Breadwig said...

Love your poses, and love the way you are lighting them, really brings out the character of the pose and adds emotion to them. Great work as always my friend.