Saturday, February 20, 2010

What doesn't belong?

Here is a 3D composite I did for my inspirational design class. Try to guess what I composited into the photograph... don't peek below
Okay so you probably figured it out. The nesting dolls were made in 3D and then composited into a photograph I took in my house. Here they are without a word to live in.

Below is the Occlusion layer... Occlusion is what happens when two objects are close together. It makes a shadow because light doesn't get to it those spaces very well. This helps to ground the 3D objects into reality, cause occlusion is everywhere in the real world.

Now the picture below is the reflection layer for the "Gazing Ball" that is in the picture.  
Speaking of the Gazing Ball... This is what I used to light the nesting dolls. I took several pictures of this reflective chrome ball at different exposures to capture the reflections and the light sources of the room. Here is the HDR (High Dynamic Range) image I used. Oh BTW this is the first time I have gotten to use my gazing ball to light a 3D scene.
The next image is the picture I took before adding the nesting dolls.
And here is the final image, I think it turned out pretty well. Click the images for a bigger version and then let me know what you think.


Breadwig said...

A+. That's what I think.

Jesse Nelson said...

They're looking really good Cevin, great job!