Friday, March 26, 2010

Sr Project Thus Far

Colleen and I are getting places with our Sr Project... The image below is the color scheme we are shooting for. We want it to look very illustrative and our main intended audience is children. So this image shows the colors and the lighting we are shooting for.
Now the image below is where we are in the progress of physically making this happen.
The hippo that you see in the bottom image is just the stand in Hippo that we made a while ago. And the paper bird is also a stand in... but I think the bird looks pretty good. There is alot that needs to change in this bottom image for it to match our color scheme. The hill for one needs alot of work and the hippo will be a bit more purple. We will probably get pretty close to what we want by Sunday and hopefully be able to animate by Monday. That is as long as we don't keep getting set back several days work like we have been. The other day we finally got to cast our new Hippo puppet... but at the end of baking it we realized that the oven was set to 480 degrees instead of 200. So not only was it a failed cast it ruined the armature that is inside the puppet... and nearly destroyed the mold. So I will need to rebuild the armature and then we will recast and hopefully it will work out. So after an intense weekend catching up we should be ready to animate next week!!! 


Annette said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the hippo overbake! It's looking great. Can't wait to see it finished.

ck said...

yikes! good luck.

Jimi Bonogofsky said...

This is looking so great, you guys. I am really really excited to see it!

Breadwig said...

Agreed, this is looking faboooooo!