Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giant Update!

Alright, it's been a really long time since I've updated my blog. So here is a rough overview of what I've been up to.... 
These first four are sketches I did for my cousin. He called and asked if I could draw Iron Man for him, so I drew a few heros for him.
The Thing
Iron Man
and Batman
This one was just for fun. I got real interested in drawing like comics, so this is one of my "successful" attempts.
Here is another comic character... just keep in mind this is stepping out of my drawing comfort zone a bit.
This is a concept that My wife and I worked on for a local clothing company. The project never took off, but it was fun. Colleen did the physical line work. I scanned, cleaned up the lines, and colored.
This is a concept beer label for my brother-in-laws and my "future"brew.
Here is a groovy robot.
Here is a submission for Doodle United (thats a drawing group that my wife and I started a while back). For more information and to check out some sweet art from artists all over the USA visit http://www.facebook.com/DoodleUnited 
The theme for this drawing was Indiana Jones
This was another weeks submission. The theme was "Art of Disguise"
This is another submission for Doodle United. The theme was U.F.O.
Here is a concept cover for a short story I am 
"in the process" of drawing/writing.
And this is something I did for work. I needed to create a logo for a monthly webinar. The boss wanted something like their company logo, but more theatric like a theater marquee. 
And here are some pop-up button concepts I made for the first presentation.
Alright! Congrats if you made it all the way to the bottom!! Feel free to comment! Hopefully I'll post again soon!!
Oh Yeah, here are some complementary iPhone BGs I made just for you! Let me know if you use em... or not, but it'd be cool to know if anyone is using them.
I hope to do more of them sometime, I may take requests... no promises though.

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