Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in WV

So this was my first Christmas as a married man. We spent Christmas this year with Colleens family and it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of sweets, traditions and parties. And today we are heading back to Indiana to have another Christmas with my family. Just because the date isn't the 25th doesn't mean it's not Christmas. At my parents house the big tradition is making banana bread with my mom. We always make a whole bunch, and this will be Colleens second year to be a part of this tradition. The other part of Christmas that has been important to me is every Christmas morning Grace and I would get up and hang out together until our parents decided it was time to open gifts. That was one of the biggest things I knew I was going to miss this year, but on Christmas morning Grace texted me and said that she was thinking about getting up to do presents. Then we had a texting conversation, and even though I wasn't at home I was still able to hang out with my sister before the gifts. So in just about ten hours I will be on my way to my parents house and Christmas tarts all over again.
 Here are some pictures of Callie and her cousin Jack from this Christmas visit.

And here are two of just Callie, she's a cutie!

Callie will be sad to leave the other dogs, but she has one of her best friends waiting at my parents house.

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Breadwig said...

super cool photos. I really like the lights behind Callie in the last one.