Friday, January 8, 2010

Life equilibrium

Well being away from home for 2 weeks makes returning to your normal life a bit difficult. We spent a week in WV with Colleens family and then spent a week in IN with my family. At the end of the week with my family Colleen my sister and I drove 4 hours south and got a new dog!! Exciting, but stressful. The new dog is an Australian cattle dog just like our dog Callie except this new guy is red. This is one reason it was difficult to get back to our normal lives. He is a very willful dog, he has alot of energy, but is very very sweet.
The second thing that made it a little difficult for our life to reach an equilibrium is our pipes froze and we didn't have water until the second day. Our kitchen sink kinda burst so water sprays in a few directions when its on, but other than that the house was fine.
So after nearly a week back at Huntington our life is beginning to feel normal. Our new dog Cooper is starting to behave a bit better also.
Here is a pic of both of my very focussed dogs Callie and Cooper, feel free to click on the pic for a better look!!

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